Walking in Vancouver’s Pacific Spirit Park

Greater Vancouver has plenty of places to get outside to take in nature and get moving. They range from easy to challenging and of course everything in between. I’ll be making a couple posts about where to take to the trails soon. Until then I will share some of the photos I took several weeks ago on an easy 3 km / 1.8 mile walk I took through Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver’s West Side (not to be confused with the West End).

Pacific Spirit Park is located close to the University of British Columbia. It is a large area that has about 55 km / 34 miles in trails and paths with much of them available for cycling as well. Most of the park is forested which makes you feel as if you are far from the city. Additionally, it is a dog friendly (on-leash) park. Heck, you may even see someone on horseback.

One can reach the park by car, bike, and transit. The latter is what I utilized (#33 UBC / 29 Ave Station) to arrive there.

I had decided I wanted to walk a specific trail, which I selected from the All Trails app. This app not only gave info on the trail, it also recorded my walk. Turns out I like having a record of my walks. It also measured my time (though failed to stop adding minutes with each photo break I took). LOL Overall a nifty little app to have.

My loop in red.

Here’s my walk in the park 🙂🙃

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World

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