I Don’t Travel Without These

Being a (semi) frequent traveller I have a set of items that I find indispensable during my sojourns out of the country. Some of these I have used for years as I deem them necessary. Most I have learned about through the years or been gifted them. And I’m also a bit of a sucker for some travel gadgets & try out items to see if we mesh. When it works for me I will use it well.

Ms Brown – my constant travel mascot – when I don’t forget her

Since friends and acquaintances alike have asked me about what I like to use I thought I’d share it here on my blog. Aside from the obvious requirements for travel like a valid passport or everyday items like my phone these are the items I take on most international trips.

  • All-in-One International Power Adapter
    • Not all plugs are created equal so having an all-in-one adapter makes life with electronics easier
    • My electronics are dual voltage so I don’t carry a power converter, only the adapter
  • Power Bank/Portable Charger/USB Charger
    • Call it what you will but great for travel (and everyday) to charge my phone and some other items while on the go
    • I have 2 – one that is solar powdered and one regular one. I take one or both depending on where I’m travelling
    • I also take the charger for my camera if I tote it along
  • Go Toob Travel Bottles by Human Gear
    • Best.Thing.Ever.
    • Soft travel bottles in various sizes (including carry-on compatible size) and they don’t leak!!
    • I carry shampoo, conditioner, contact lens solution, hand lotion, etc in them and they are amazing!
    • I like their brand as they are quality made and have a life-time guarantee
  • Go Tubb Containers by Human Gear
    • Also.Best.Thing.Ever.
    • Various sizes and good for travel and everyday use
    • Can be opened with one hand – no fiddling
    • I use them for lotions, foundation makeup, pills/vitamins, earrings, etc.
  • Matador FlatPak Soap Bar Case
    • Great for hostel, AirBnB & camping use or anytime you travel with bar soap
    • Leak-proof and also dries the bar soap so it doesn’t turn into a bar of mush
  • Electronics Bag (by Bagsmart)
    • Nifty little bag that holds most of my electronic cords, plugs, earphones, memory cards, and power bank in one organized place
  • Turkish Towel
    • Since I often stay in hostels I bring my own towel
    • I hate those micro-fibre “travel towels” as they aren’t that absorbent
    • Turkish towels to the rescue! They are lightweight, cotton, absorbent, dry uber quick, and don’t stink
    • I used one during my Camino de Santiago trek and it also doubled as a light weight blanket
  • Travelon Travel Purse(s)
    • I purchased one years ago as it was a good size, has compartments, an adjustable strap, and an anti-theft zipper and clip
    • I’ve kept it because its very durable (& washable)
    • Since then their styles have evolved and are much nicer these days, in my humble opinion, so I may buy an new one
    • I also purchased their smaller ones too
  • Fold-up Daypack (RipPac Stowaway DayPack)
    • This was a gift and it has come in handy often
    • Great as an extra bag or as a day pack
    • Folds up and takes up minimal space
  • Travel Wallet/Folio
    • I do love mine because it helps keep my documents organized
  • Money Belt
    • A way to conceal and carry cash and/or identification under your clothing (these are not made to use as a wallet or fanny pack – the intended purpose is to keep your money hidden)
  • First Aid Kit (small)
    • I’m clumsy and accident prone
  • Locks
    • I have padlock that I use for hostel stays
    • Luggage locks for checked or carry-on bags (zippers do open more than you think)
  • Travel Insurance
    • A must in my opinion, both out-of-country medical and trip cancellation/interruption insurance
    • I’ve have to use both on my travels and it was so worth it
  • Foreign Currency
    • I like to have a bit of cash in the local currency before I leave Canada
    • I buy my currency from a currency exchange as they often have more currencies available and better rates than banks, after all that is their business
    • In Greater Vancouver I go to Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange since they have some of the best rates, you can pay with your debit card, and they carry numerous currencies (some may need to be ordered ahead of time)
  • Personal Items
    • We all have our own
    • I have a necklace that a friend gave me from South Africa that I wear on my travels
    • Ms Brown – my travel mascot (a brown M&M key chain)

We all have our items we like and find indispensable. These are mine. What do you like to use? What are you favourite travel items? Feel free to comment below.

*Note: I have added some links for informational purposes only

Photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World

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