Sunday Special – Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec

Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula (official name is La Gaspésie) is one of the province’s top places to visit and a stunning area for a memorable road trip. This large peninsula (31 000+ sq km / 11 000+ sq miles) runs along the southern shore of the St Lawrence River then juts out into the Gulf of St Lawrence. This area is one of rugged and sharp coastlines lined with beaches and natural rock arches. Inland are green forests blanketing the mountains. These mountains are a continuation of the Appalachian Mountains called the Chic-Choc Mountains (part of the Notre Dame Mountains). The Chic-Chocs add to the rocky and scraggy beauty of the peninsula as many of the mountains have eroded over time, giving them unexpected shapes.

Being such a large area Gaspésie has much to offer. Route 132 holds scenic beauty of the perimeter of the peninsula, where most towns are found. As a result, road tripping here is popular. Heading inland is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and birders. I’ve learned that there is so much to see in this eastern region so I’ll list some places below, though this is not an complete list by any stretch.

Percé Rock in Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec – Photo credit: CindykerrPercé Rock, Percé, QuebecCC BY-SA 4.0


  • Percé Rock – A natural arch found off the coast of the town of Percé
  • Forillon National Park – Was the first national park in Quebec and is located near the tip of the peninsula
    • Extensive trails for hiking
    • A variety of water sports are available (fishing, paddling, kitesurfing, etc)
    • Camping available
  • Gaspésie National Park – Found in the inland portion of the peninsula
    • Home of the Chic-Choc Mountains
    • Popular park for water sports, back country hikes and expeditions, fishing and more in the summer months
    • Skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months
  • MicMac Interpretion Site of Gespeg – Near the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula
    • Learn of the history and life of the Mi’gmaq peoples who’s history dates back to the 16th century CE
    • Reconstructions of villages and camps can be visited
  • Road Trips – there are a number of routes to explore this region. A few of them are listed
    • The Whale Route – with 13 different species of whales visit the waters so plenty of chances for whale watching
    • The Lighthouse Trail – there are over 40 lighthouses with a number of them offering various activities to participate in
    • The Beer Trail – this route takes you to a new brewery each day. My kind of road trip. Remember, don’t drink and drive and enjoy responsibly
    • Wildlife Seeking – keep an eye out for various types of wildlife including birds, moose, caribou, deer, black bears, water animals and more

This breadth of land certainly is not without its natural beauty and adventures to be sought after. It sounds like a place that I would enjoy. Perhaps you will too.

Chic-Choc Mountains, Gaspe Peninsula – Photo credit: Félix Mathieu-BéginMonts Albert et Macoun, parc de la GaspésieCC BY-SA 4.0

Some places may be closed or have limited access due to Covid-19.

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