Sunday Special – Bonnechere Caves, Ontario

Ontario is Canada’s second largest province in area as well as the most populous. It is home to the capital city of Ottawa, a very large section of Niagara Falls (the Horeshoe Falls), and Drake’s hometown of The 6 (that’d be Toronto). Ontario is also where you find the Bonnechere Caves.

The Bonnechere Caves are in Eganville, approximately 125 km / 77 mi west of Ottawa. The caves are are part of the Bonnechere River and are not far from one its waterfalls, known as the First Chute. The limestone caves are believed to have been formed over 500 million years ago from what was a tropical sea. Going underground through the twists and turns of the caves you will come across jagged stalactites and stalagmites; crevices and narrow passageways; and an abundance of very well preserved sea-life fossils. In addition to touring the caves and surrounding area there are a number of events that are presented throughout the year. The family-fun Museum Fossil Hunts have participants look for fossils along the GeoHeritage Trail. During the Paddle and Fiddle fun is had by paddling boats down the Bonnechere River toward the caves with onboard fiddlers. While Cavestock offers an underground musical concert experience, the Underground Dining Evening series lets you enjoy a meal in a rather unique setting. From intriguing guided tours to memorable events, it seems this place is great for a short getaway.

Inside the Bonnechere Caves
Narrow crevice inside Bonnechere Caves, Ontario – Photo credit: Greg Mason, Flickr

Due to Covid-19 the Bonnechere Caves are currently closed until May 2021. Please check online for any changes

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