Sunday Special – Fishing in Nunavut

Fishing as a recreational activity is enjoyed the world over. Canada is no exception. It’s a popular pastime that brings travellers from all over to fish in our clear waters. The northernmost Canadian territory of Nunavut (capital city is Iqaluit) is a superb destination to cast a line and reel in some catches. The largest of the three territories, Nunavut has an impressive 160,930 sq km / 62,137 sq mi of water!! Rivers, lakes, bays, and even ocean waters are plentiful here. Additionally, the summer months allow fishing at most anytime due to the near 24-hours of sunlight. When the temperature drops in the winter you can try your hand at ice-fishing, perhaps even in the traditional Inuit way. The locals have fished the waters for generations – their knowledge is valuable and helpful. Fishing lodges and guides can assist you in making the most of wrangling in the big one! The remoteness and sparse population of Nunavut allow for marine life that is not only plentiful but of significant size. This territory boasts several world records within the International Game Fish Association for a reason.

Fishing won’t be the only thing you will remember about Nunavut. The warmth and culture of the people, the breathtaking ruggedness of the surrounding land, and wildlife as you’ve never known gives you memories to draw on for a long time to come.

Landscape of Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island, Nunavut – Photo credit: Mike Beauregard from Nunavut, Canada, Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island, Nunavut -bCC BY 2.0
On the water in Dubawnt Lake, Nunavut – Photo is public domain

Due to Covid-19, travel to Nunavut has restrictions and travel bans in place (current at time of posting).

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