HAPPY 2021! A new year is symbolically a time of hope and a time of saying good bye to the old while welcoming the new. That is something this entire world can embrace! It is my sincere wish that 2021 is filled with health, kindness, and happiness for all. And hopefully – safe and welcome travel.

In previous years I have written about the past year and what I hope for the coming one. Not this time though. We all know what a crazy year 2020 was globally and personally for everyone on some level. No recap is needed. As a result, even though I am glad to have entered a new year, I have become rather cautious of looking forward. It is as though I have developed some trust issues and that I’m having a hard time being concrete about future plans. When I relayed this to a good friend during a Christmas holiday video chat, she reminded me that we need to put positive vibes forward and not dwell on the negative. That stuck with me. I am still cautious though more hopeful and optimistic. Sending positive energy while moving forward. With vaccines now being circulated it looks as though we have an end to this pandemic on the horizon. With that I have some plans in the works (with flexibility included). Africa and SE Asia are in the works. Perhaps even another Camino down the line. In the meantime I intend to plan and dream. I’m biding my time now, quietly doing what I can to nudge my dreams and hopes into reality, like a caterpillar in a cocoon. No more energy to the past year — only energy to the future, which will soon be the present.

Here on Wanders the World I will be a continue with the Sunday Special with focus on places I have personally visited. I will include my own thoughts and opinions and the occasional spot of practical info. As well, I intend to write about my travel experiences as well as other travel inspired musings. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to give some feedback.

Welcome 2021 and let’s see where on the road we end up.

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World

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