Sunday Special – Bimini, Bahamas

The Bahamas, located in the West Indies (north of Cuba and southeast of the US state of Florida) are a popular place to holiday and cruise. This is not a surprise since it is a tropical climate; has over 3000 + islets, cays, and islands; and a vibrant culture. Of the all the locales to enjoy in this popular archipelago nation, we will look at the islands of Bimini, on the western range of the country (and a mere 80 km / 50 mi from Miami, USA).

Diver with a Hammerhead Shark, Bimini Islands – Photo credit: Stevelaycock21Great hammerhead feeding, BiminiCC BY-SA 4.0

Bimini‘s is made up of three islands: Bimini North, Bimini South, and Bimini East with North and South being the most popular. Although both have a small population and chill relaxed vibe, Bimini North offers more buzz with several options of yummy dining, lively bars, and fun shops than the low-key Bimini South. Though, from the looks of it, both would be wonderful while island-hopping in the Bahamas and it is not a wonder that sailing to and around Bimini is very popular. When you find yourself in Bimini you can expect that you will be enamoured by the shallow pale waters of the reefs that then change to deep blues as the ocean floor drops 25 – 30 m / 80 – 100 ft and then onto the greater ocean depths of the Gulf Stream. This Gulf Stream brings with it an abundance of marine life allowing for incredible snorkelling and some of the best deep sea fishing around. For diver’s this may be your next haven of underwater treasures as it’s filled with bright corals, hammerhead sharks, old ship wrecks, and the famous Bimini Road which swirls with speculation as to whether its underwater limestone rocks, lying in a straight line, are a natural or a man-made creation. Once you’ve had your fill of fishing and swimming with marine life you can unwind on a number of powdery sand beaches before heading to one of the restaurants and bars for a fun night in Alice Town. Don’t forget a visit to the Fountain of Youth, a limestone carved well, where the lore claims to keep you youthful should you drink from it’s clear waters

Bimini is not lacking in accommodations that will impress. It seems that resorts are the most in number though other options of B & Bs and smaller hotels are available as well. Since these are small islands (Bimini North is 11 km / 7 mi long) you can get around by taxi, golf cart, bicycle, or by foot power. North and South Bimini are connected by a short 5 minute ferry ride so you can easily visit both islands while staying only on one.

Alice Town in North Bimini Island, Bahamas – Photo credit: PietroAlice Town Bimini Bahamas 07CC BY-SA 4.0

These small isles may be small yet seem to have plenty of offer, be it part a bigger Bahamian holiday or a quick fun jaunt from Miami. Author Ernest Hemingway found inspiration here and stayed for several years, maybe you will find it inspiring as well.

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