Sunday Special – Tromsø, Norway

Let’s head to one of the northernmost cities around. Found about 2200 km / 1242 mi south of the North Pole, in Northern Norway, is the city of Tromsø. This northern city is located on an island called Tromsøya not far from the mainland of Norway. Despite it’s far location it has a fair-sized population of over 64,000 inhabitants. Perhaps that is due in part to the weather that the Gulf Stream creates, resulting in warmer climes than one would expect. An average winter day in January is around -5.6C / 21.9F and a balmy July day is usually near the 8.9C / 48F mark. There are places further south in Canada that are colder in January than in Tromsø!

The area is not a new development by any means. Artifacts collected in and near Tromsø date back 10,000+ years. Furthermore, there is a long history of both the Norse and Sámi peoples. More records of its history appear in the 1200s when the first church was built (1252 CE). Fast-forward to the 18th century when important cod trading increased the economic importance of the small habitation. Hunting and fishing into the Arctic increased as did Tromsø, earning it the nickname of ”The Paris of the North” during the 1800s. It’s importance continued to grow through the next century and onwards to today, where it still plays an important role in both economy and scientific and climate research. And, it’s become a rather popular place to visit and in 2019 Norway granted the city the designation of a Sustainable Destination.

Incredible Northern Lights dancing over the Tromsø sky – Photo credit: Andi GentschAurora Borealis Tromsø NorwayCC BY-SA 2.0


    • Midnight Sun – since the sun never sets in the summer months you can have endless days
    • Northern Lights – chase the Northern Lights in the clear crisp Norwegian skies
    • Amble around the city centre to see the highest number of wooden houses in all of Northern Norway
    • The oldest house was built in 1789 CE
    • Nature beckons here in the north with a plethora of fun outdoor activities
      • Snowmobiling
      • Dog Sledding
      • Reindeer Ranches & Sami Culture
      • Snow Kiting
      • Glacier Walks
      • Hiking
    • Fjellheisen Cable Car – Get high for spectacular views of the city and surrounding area
  • NUMEROUS MUSEUMS (to name just a few)
    • Polar Museum – learn of the history of Arctic expeditions and the effects of hunting in the region
    • The Science Centre of Northern Norway – learn about the world around you through science and play that is full of fun and learning for the whole family
    • Troll Museum – as the only museum in Norway dedicated to Trolls, learn about the folklore surrounding them
    • Each season offers an abundance of ways to enjoy the waters around this island city
      • Fjord Cruises and Boat Tours
      • Fishing
      • Whale Watching
      • Kayaking
    • Ishavskatedralen (Arctic Cathedral) is a bold work of glass architecture with the largest stained-glass windows found in Northern Europe
    • Nature may abound here though don’t let that fool you with what the city itself has to offer — melodic concerts, fresh and delicious dining, fun unique festivals, and pulsing nightlife

This city may be in the far north but it certainly has plenty to offer. Another incredible world place to wander in.

The Arctic Cathedral at night – Photo credit: Siri UldalIshavskatedralen 002CC BY-SA 4.0
View of Tromsø from Fjellheisen Cable Car – Photo credit: The Municipality of Tromso from Tromsø, NorwayMark Ledingham creator QS:P170,Q43432092, Utsikt fra fjellheisen i Tromsø (7649669236)CC BY 2.0

Covid-19 related protocols may still be in place.
Please check official government sites for up-to-date travel information.

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