Sunday Special – Marble Caves of General Carrera Lake, Chile

The South American country of Chile is rather long - spanning 4,270 km / 2,653 miles. With such length the topography is quite varied. Towards the southernmost section is the well-known area of Patagonia, which Chile shares with Argentina. Mountains, desserts, plains, lakes, rivers, islands, glaciers, plateaus and caves can be found in this region... Continue Reading →

Sunday Special – La Mano de Punta del Este (or The Hand of Punta del Este) – Uruguay

Since February 1982, Uruguay's Punta del Este has been home to this famous sculpture by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal. Located on Brava Beach, in the popular resort town, stands the concrete and plastic statue of fingers struggling out of its sandy location. Irarrázabal created the iconic artwork during the first International Meeting of Modern Sculpture in the Open... Continue Reading →


An isolated island on the eastern edge of the South Pacific, Rapa Nui presents a mystery on it soil. Towering monoliths pepper the quiet rolling hills of this eerily alien land. A testimony to the determined people who carved this incredible and massive moai. A testimony of beliefs? Ancestors? That question piques my interest in... Continue Reading →


Sorry that this is a day late! I hope you enjoy it regardlessOn the northern coast of Colombia, South America lies the city of Cartagena, once fortified for protection against pirates, it is now a thriving city based on industry, construction, commercialism and tourism. Although the city was found in 1533 C.E. by the Spanish,... Continue Reading →

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