Sunday Special – Marble Caves of General Carrera Lake, Chile

The South American country of Chile is rather long – spanning 4,270 km / 2,653 miles. With such length the topography is quite varied. Towards the southernmost section is the well-known area of Patagonia, which Chile shares with Argentina. Mountains, desserts, plains, lakes, rivers, islands, glaciers, plateaus and caves can be found in this region of the world. And here is where General Carrera Lake is found. Shared with Argentina, it is also known as Lake Buenos Aires, depending on which country you are standing in. And it is here in the Chilean side where the Marble Caves/ Capillas de Mármol are located. The photos I’ve seen look amazing!

Nature’s art in Chile’s Marble Caves – Photo credit: LBM1948Capilla de Mármol 23CC BY-SA 4.0
Chile’s Marble Caves – Photo credit: Dan LundbergCatedral de mármol – ChileCC BY-SA 2.0

Glacial water and thousands of years of erosion of the marble has resulted in stunning appearance of these caves. Seeing them by boat is recommended so that you can see their blue-coloured splendour up close. Swirls of colour with waves lapping against the marble caverns looks like a wonderful experience. Tours from the lakeside town of Puerto Río Tranquilo to the caves seem to be easy to set up as there are numerous operators ready to take you there via speedboat for an hour or so. It also appears that kayaking is an option as well. These caves look astounding!

Marble Caves at General Carrera Lake, Chile – Photo credit: JpmorenosanchezLago General Carrera – Capillas de Mármol 2CC BY-SA 4.0

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