Sunday Special – Museo Ferrari, Italy

There are all types of museums. From the arts to the odd and everything in between. We all have different interests and museums can and do cater to many of those interests. And cars are no exception. Today will will take a look at that Italian icon in both racing and luxury sports cars – Ferrari.

Ferrari race cars at the Ferrari Car Museum, Italy – Photo credit:

I will spare you much of the history of Enzo Ferrari’s founding and lasting legacy of his car brand and take a brief look at what the twin museums in
Modena and Maranello offers car enthusiasts. As mentioned, there are two Ferrari museums, both in close proximity to one another; an easy day trip from Bologna, Italy to both. Although both are dedicated to the world renown vehicles they do offer different aspects. The
Museo Enzo Ferrari Modena combines the life history of Enzo Ferrari with the luxury sports cars he produced through the years. It seems you would be walking through car history while using modern tech to project the past onto the walls around you. Once you have had your fill here, hop over the the Ferrari Engine Museum to see some of the ‘under the hood’ history.

The second museum, Museo Ferrari Marnello should be easy enough to visit with a shuttle that runs between the two. This museum showcases Ferrari’s race cars through the years, many proudly on display. This place really seems to be a haven for those who love cars and love Ferarri.

Museo Ferrari collection – Photo credit:

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